Weddings in the Woods

Dunkled Acres Weddings in the Woods is the premier Wedding Venue in the Jersey Shore Pennsylvania area.  We’ve been making dreams come true with our incredibly beautiful venue. 

 We believe that every Dunkled Acres guest deserves the royal treatment. Contact us to learn how we can make your special day everything you’ve dreamed of… and more.





The Story Of Dunkled Acres
The Dunkle family purchased the land now known as Dunkled Acres in the 1940’s. They constructed a log home, which served as their family’s summer home until 1959, when Dr. Neil F. Dunkle, his wife, Mary Martha and their children, Sandra and Neil Jr., moved to the property year-round.
Dr. Dunkle lived at Dunkled Acres until his death in 1984, as would Mary Martha, until her passing in 2003. They are both resting in the family cemetery on the property they loved. Many changes have taken place over the years: cattle, game birds and sheep were all raised here, and today we have an alpaca herd that calls Dunkled Acres its home. 
The first fork of Larry’s Creek runs through the property and is classified as pure water by the state of Pennsylvania. There is also a large pond, several waterfalls, and a lily pond on the property.
Dr. Dunkle was an MD by profession, but his passion was horticulture. Many of the hundreds of azaleas and rhododendrons that bloom every year were grown from seed over 50 years ago. Thousands of wildflowers and bulbs have been planted here over the years…Mary Martha knew all their names and enjoyed quizzing visitors to see if they were paying attention on their nature walks.
Part of our mission as property owners is to share the beauty and peace of this property with people who may not otherwise have a chance to enjoy nature. We offer fishing spots with handicap accessible walkways, so that everyone has a chance to enjoy all that Dunkled Acres has to offer.
With the operation of Dunkled Acres Weddings in the Woods, we are now working with the third generation of our family to continue to improve and protect the land and to share its beauty with others.
It truly is a labor of love.