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The Venue Fee and use of the Venue

The Venue fee is $3000, this price is effective October 1, 2020

The per guest fee is $25.00 per guest over the age of two. (See guest fee pages for what this includes)  The guest fee by state law is subject to 6% sales tax.

You must pay $1500 at the time of your booking, this payment is non refundable

The balance of $1500 must be paid 6 months before your event, if not paid you will receive a late notice, there will be a $100 late charge, if not paid within 14 days of the late notice, your booked date will be forfeited, no monies will be refunded.

If circumstances force the rescheduling of your event you can transfer your paid amounts to another available date, we will work with you to secure an acceptable date.

Your venue fee entitles you to use of the public portions of the property from noon Friday until noon on Sunday, the private and family portions of the venue are not for public use and will not be accessible to you or your guests without permission of the staff/residents of the property.  The cutoff time for departure of guests is 11pm Friday and 11pm Saturday, all clean up must be completed by noon on Sunday and all guests depart the property by noon.

Please do not arrive before noon on Friday to decorate or prepare for your Saturday event, the hours before that are very busy for the staff and we need to make us of that time so things are prepared properly for your event.

Please inform staff if you intend to have a rehearsal and what time it will be.  Use of the public portions of the venue for your rehearsal is included in your venue fee.  If you are having a rehearsal dinner or meal here on site there will be a fee of $100 to cover the additional clean up, cleaning of restrooms and removal of trash.  No soda, water or ice will be included.  If you are serving alcohol of any kind at your rehearsal meal, you MUST have our bartender present, no self serving is allowed, see Alcohol portion of this contract for additional information.

Delaying your clean up beyond Noon on Sunday prevents us from doing our portion of the clean up in a timely manner. 

All guest property must be removed by noon on Sunday, nothing can be left here for pick up at a later time without explicit permission from staff.

Security Deposit and Pre Event Final Meeting

In addition to the Venue fee, a security deposit of $1000 must be presented to Dunkled Acres at your scheduled final meeting with staff, this final meeting will take place one week before your event. This meeting is very important and is a must.

You can provide us with a check for $1000, (check will remain in your event file, will only be cashed if there are unresolved issues after your event clean up has taken place, or you can provide us with a credit card number to have on file, again, card will only be charged if there are unresolved issues after event clean up)  Failure to pay the security deposit can delay or cause cancellation of your event.

A written explaination of unresolved issues will be provided to you and will be discussed in person or by telephone before any charges are made or checks cashed, there will be an opportunity for these issued to be resolved before charges are incurred.

This is an excellent time to have all questions answered and to make sure we are all informed about the property rules/guidelines and that our staff is aware and informed of your needs and the details for your event.

What is included in the Guest Fee

Soda, Water and Ice

Firewood and lighting of the firepits, (must be done by our staff)

Outdoor seating including umbrellas on the deck and patios

Lighting, inside and out

(7) Rough barrels, (we have two JD Barrels, they rent for $50 each, not allowed outside of the barn)

Tables and Chairs and their set up and tear down

Restrooms including supplies

Garbage receptacles, bags and removal ($100 additional fee if the rehearsal dinner is held here)

Parking attendant

Use of the bridal suite and grooms cabin, Includes air conditioner and generator for grooms cabin

Transportation of guests with special needs to the wedding site and back to reception site

A Dunkled Acres Staff person will be on the property for your entire event, the bartender will reach one of us if there is an issue.

Catering and the Outdoor Kitchen

Dunkled Acres will be offering catering in 2021, you do not have to use our service, you may choose another caterer for your event, we do not provide tables for prep, they must bring those, they may use the refrigerator located in the bridal suite.

The outdoor kitchen and all if the equipment is for use of Dunkled Acres only.

Any food spills, inside or out, must be cleaned up promptly, especially on the wooden floor inside the barn, failure to do so will result in forfeit of your security deposit.

The number of electrical outlets used by a caterer is limited, staff will explain this, we do not provide propane for catering use. 

Location of any type of cooker, bbq grill, etc, must be approved by Dunkled Acres Staff, no cooking on any of the patios or the deck.

House Rules

All music must be kept to appropriate levels

No smoking inside any of the buildings, this includes the barn, the grooms cabin and the bridal suite and indoor restrooms,  also no smoking on the deck.  Smoking is allowed at the firepits.

No throwing of rice, confetti or glitter.  No confetti or glitter is allowed on the property.

No latex or mylar balloons

No vehicle traffic beyond the gravel area adjacent to the barn, no exceptions

No pets allowed, this is a liability issue.  If a pet is to be part of your ceremony we can discuss it, pet must leave when the ceremony is over.  If we allow your pet, the pet must be leashed at all times, no exceptions

Guests are not allowed inside the alpaca fenced areas, guest may approach the fence where the male alpacas and the goats are, the other fenced area is off limits to guests, there are guardian dogs in that area who take their job seriously. 

Do not feed anything to our animals, do not throw anything inside the fence.

No guests are allowed in the water

Guests under the age of 14 must have adult supervision at all times, they are not allowed to roam the property unless accompanied by an adult.  This rule will be strictly enforced, the safety our our young guest will not be compromised.


Any alcohol present must be served by our approved bartending staff, no exceptions

You must make arrangements with the bartending staff for their services, payment is made directly to them, they will handle your alcohol, Dunkled Acres staff do not load, unload, ice down or serve alcohol.

All alcohol is to remain behind the bar under the supervision of the bartenders, no drinking from vehicles or coolers, guests doing so will be asked to leave.

Bartender will determine when to stop serving based on your event timeline, no serving after 11pm under any circumstances.

If you are using a keg of beer it had to be in a kegerator, we have one available for rent for $75, no kegs in barrels or buckets.

Bottled or canned alcohol will be kept in our approved coolers behind the bar. 

No under age guest will be served alcohol, any guest who provides alcohol to an underage person will be ejected from the property immediately.

Impaired guests are welcome to leave their vehicle here until noon on Sunday, please use a designated driver, be responsible.

All renters must acquire a same day event insurance policy, proof of this policy must be presented at your final meeting

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